Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Aish Admonishes America’s Addiction

If you want to read about Surreptitious Ships (floating flotillas), Sickening Sentences (Rabbi Rubashkin), Segregated Schools (Emmanuel establishment), Severe Slicks (BP bungle) or Sea-Salmon (anisakis antics), you came to the wrong place. But if you want LH free Short Snippets on contemporary Jewish life, thanks for Saying So.

Some time ago we discussed fanatical fandom link1 and link2. I was somewhat mystified at the time to understand the addictive attraction of Sports Shows and how they control our lives. Below is an excellent link that perhaps Sheds Some light on this Spectator Sport. Enjoy.


Money Quote:

"Of course I knew that the emotional investment I was making in every victory or defeat wasn’t real. If I stopped to pinch myself I would, naturally, realize that some total stranger named Gary or Jose or Carlos hitting a ball, 2 7/8 inches in diameter, over a fence 345 feet away was not of any cosmic or personal significance. But there is something enjoyable about pretending to care about something that, in truth, is pointless. It is the essence of every great motion picture and every novel. It helps us to safely touch feelings that long to be experienced without the fear of exposing them to authentic suffering."

Updated 10:15 PM 6/22/10


  1. Inspiring, as Aish always is. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. You certainly have a way with words. I truly appreciate this Same-letter Series.

  3. I wish I had seen this article years ago. So much of our lives are wasted watching other people live life. Television sitcoms are the same. Reality shows, etc. We spend our short span of life watching others. Now it is time to perform and let others watch us! Watch Weight! Live Life!


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