Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Bob Beats Back Blogs

The age of the blog is here. Blogs have accomplished much in their relatively short existence. The push button publishing aspect of blogging allows anyone and everyone to get out their message in an inexpensive way and reach tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of readers.

While the blog is demonized in Frum circles, nevertheless the recent race for public office in Lakewood caused many new blogs to sprout up in honor of the election. Several years ago, one blog that was created to follow the social goings on of one particular Yeshiva evolved into a major Frum news blog.

Years ago it was the Rav of the Shul who was in the know on all major issues. Nowadays, that same Rav is far behind his congregants on the latest news unless he has an internet connection. The recent Fish controversy has highlighted the fact that the BLOG is a new force to be reckoned with, as the Poskim are now posting their Teshuvos directly on the internet.

As powerful as the blog might be, they still do not totally rule, as the Bob Singer victory yesterday showed. Anti-Child-Abuse advocates have scored many victories in removing molesters from our midst, yet they still have failed in having the laws changed.

All in all, the biggest victory the blogs have won is the deterrent factor. The insular community which was able to hush up wrongdoings will no longer be able to do so. Public exposure will hopefully keep potential perpetrators on the straight path.


  1. Personal Placard Placing Policy
    Frum Fear Flag Flying
    Checkmate Challenges Chess Champions
    Bob Beats Back Blogs
    Mourning Missed Meaningful Memories

    Only 21 letters to go!

  2. Hey, someone noticed! I added "I" and "D".


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