Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Universe Testifies - Rabbi Avigdor Miller and Apples

There is another blog that professes to offer Authentic Judaism. I am not sure how much of that blog is actually Rabbi Miller speaking, as at least one commenter has mentioned that Rabbi Miller would disassociate himself from such writings. In any event, there exists on Youtube this oldie but goodie. For those who have never seen it, enjoy.


  1. This video shows the warm, witty side of Rav Miller. Do you have any more?

  2. It a chillul Hashem that that video is on the Internet.

  3. Anon, can you explain why? I think this video is a Kiddush Hashem.

  4. Anonymous,

    I hope you don't mind my saying that your view is somewhat small minded - this is why:

    Before the "print" of Jewish sefarim, goyish books were printed to promote their ideology. Would you suggest that we remove "printed books" from Jewish life? Before "tapes" and other audio recorders were used to capture shiurim, they were used as a media to record mundane topics in song and word. Before sms text)messages were used to request from friends the saying of Tehillim for chollim, these were used by goyim for their interests. Do you really suggest we stop the mitzvot that are being performed by use of printed, recorded or messaging media?

    I am sure you get my point... Hashem brings into creation tools that could be used for either the good or bad. How they are used is the choice man has to make - "Bechirah"!

    Brother,... simply "choose life" with the tools G-d has given you.


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