Friday, December 4, 2009

Mishpacha Magazine

There exists one blog Authentic Judaism on the far right spectrum that lately has been attacking Mishpacha magazine . He has not given explicit examples yet as to what he finds so objectionable, other than mentioning one columnist whom he feels gives a negative slant towards a Kollel lifestyle.

I have heard similar murmurings in the past when Mishpacha printed material that was considered negative towards Chabad. I heard the same when Mishpacha printed material that was pro Chabad.

All in all, my opinion is that there is no way to please everybody. No matter what you print, someone will find it objectionable. It is up to every parent to decide what literature to bring into their home. Mishpacha broadens the horizons of its readers. For those who prefer to remain insular, please petition the Agudah to resuscitate the Jewish Observer.


  1. i think mishpacha is a superb magazine. it is a positive frum publication. notwitstanding some far right lithuanian critcs, kudos for their recent sophisticated coverage on chabad.

  2. why krinsky though?? klein would have been a smarter choice. but i have to admit that it was a good piece

  3. Anon, thanks for coming by, but please pick a name, any name, to enable others to engage you in conversation.

  4. Frum journalism is an oxymoron as is lashon hara free journalism.

  5. We're trying to discredit that theory right here on this blog. (eems like you've stirred up the hornets nest on yours.)


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