Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rabbi Sherer

Some time ago this blog discussed the need for an organization such as Agudath Israel of America. Agudah and the rock In the past week I have been reading the biography of Rabbi Moshe/Morris Sherer, the leader and primary builder of the Agudah. This book is fascinating in several regards. Primarily, it enables the reader to relive the headlines of years gone by, albeit with an insider's view.

Secondly, this book is not the standard hagiography that one might expect. I would compare this offering to the Rabbi Samson Raphael Hirsch biography, also by ArtScroll, which leans more on the academic side, complete with index and footnotes. I plan a series of posts, as this book is packed with so much information, more than one post can handle.

All in all, this book is very inspiring, making me almost wish I had the time and resources to do similar work to make life easier for the Jewish People.


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