Monday, January 9, 2023

HASC Headliners Highlight Heavenly Hits - Review HASC 36 - A Time for Music

Hasc's A Time for Music 36 gets mixed reviews.

The visual affects were phenomenal, yet the choice of singers was sorely lacking. There was an abundance of Israeli singers. It seemed that most of the crowd were not familiar with their compositions. Each time a new Israeli singer was announced - we waited for Ishay Riboy to appear, yet it didn't happen.

Shulem Lemmer was amazing singing the new song "Six Hundred People". The graphic artistry accompanying the song was heroic.

Miami Boys Choir was back with some oldies and goodies, capitalizing on their Tik-Tok fame.

Eitan Katz mesmerized the audience with his infectious smile and catchy tunes.

Yet the mentalist Oz Pearlman act was a big time waster. When I pay big bucks for a music concert, I don't want to spend a large chunk of time watching a magic show.

Where was MBD? Where was Avrohom Fried? Where was Kempeh and Joey Newcomb? Abie? There were very few performers.

So although the virtual reality scored big, I was disappointed.

At least they brought out Schwekey for a final act which somewhat redeemed the organizers.

Nice that no politicians pontificated.

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