Monday, January 2, 2023

Delayed Dialogue Discourse Disseminated. Dialogue For Torah Issues & Ideas Fall 5783/2022 Volume 9

Wow! Just when I've given up on Dialogue, as they haven't published in 3 years, out comes a beautiful new volume.

Dialogue 9 opens with a tribute to R' Chaim Kanievsky ZT"L, penned by Rabbi Aharon Feldman.

The next article is also written by RAF, a rebuttal of the recent push to have Chareidim join the WZO. A very compelling and powerful read.

Rabbi Akiva Tatz follows with Faith and Faithfulness.

Rabbi Eytan Feiner is next with his Two-Tiered Terror, a delicious insightful read on the destruction of Amalek.

Eli Katz explains The Language of Numbers.

In Our Own Footsteps by Rabbi Dr. Dovid Fox

Rabbi Mordechai Plaut with The Attitude of Ramchal and Vilna Gaon to the Morech Nevuchim

Rabbi Aharon Lopiansky with Post-Pandemic Community Recovery

Rabbi Matisyahu Rosenblum with Creativity

Rabbi Abba Zvi Naiman discusses Making Up Missed Parshios

Lastly, but not least, Rabbi Herschel Grossman is back with his continued critique of Dr. Marc Shapiro - Rejoinder Regarding The Limits of Orthodox Theology.

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  1. Rabbi Feldman lays out a clear case for non-participation in the World Zionist Organization. What were the proponents thinking?


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