Monday, July 10, 2017

Fakenews? Faceless FlatbushGirl Fights FJJ For Female Fotos

The June 29 issue of the Flatbush Jewish Journal had me scratching my head. Page 25 featured a picture of Councilman Deutsch amongst other Askanim presenting an award to an emoji-faced female. What was bothering me was the discrepancy in the picture, in that it was titled Flatbush Boy, but the certificate itself said Flatbush Girl.

The answer came today in one of NYC's seems that the FJJ rejected the original ad because it pictured a female, which goes against their policy.

I can understand their policy, but it seems ironic that the same issue of FJJ, which featured many pages exalting the life of R Meir Zlotowitz, does not follow his lead and allow for normalcy in frum publications.


  1. fanatic female fights fundamentalists

  2. Rabbi Zlotowitz didn't support publishing pictures of women in frum newspapers.

    1. what is the difference between newspapers and all the hagiographies where he published countless pictures of women?

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