Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Rabbi Receives Rare Reward (Arthur Schneier is Knighted)

This does not belong on this blog, but since Havdala conscience blogging buddy bray has not touched this topic with his golden sceptered pen, I have opened the discussion here.


  1. Here:s the havdala: the good guy is the one in the black hat/ kippah.

    Here's where the havdala ends: They are both emeritus. Couldn't they get Francis? Was he too busy insulting the Turks?

    BTW I posted again today...something new about something even older than the pope and the rabbi put together.

  2. Rabbi Arthur Schneier says he is a descendant, 'einikel' of 'The Alter Rebbe', the first Rabbi of the Lubavitch-Habad Hasidic group.

    That is what he states about a minute into his talk here -

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  4. I decided that the LH content of my previous content was too high for this blog.


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