Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pashut Peshat: Po-shet=Push-it!

Yom Tov Duchaning of the Kohanim got me thinking about a story I heard some years ago.

Apparently, there is a difference of opinion when it comes to Duchaning, what position the Kohen's hands must be.  Should they be outstretched straight out or may they be angled somewhat.

I heard a shiur recording made by R Feivel Cohen who says that Peshat of Poshet means that the hands must be stretched straight out.

One person then asked: If an Ani on Purim is "Poshet Yad", but not to the full extent, does one have an obligation to give?


  1. I was at that Shiur in Tomchei Torah on Ocean Avenue. IIRC, RFC replied to the questioner something to the effect of ..

    How much did you have to drink?

  2. sounds like a serious question to me. then again I was from the shavcha guys in my shiur.


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