Monday, March 16, 2015

Sorah Schenirer's Students Swell

Tuesday, March 17, representatives from Bais Yaakov's across the country will be represented in Brooklyn's Barclays Center to honor Sorah Schenirer, founder of the BY movement. It has been 80 years since her passing.

Perhaps the 100th Yahrtzeit will be in Yankee Stadium.


  1. Shouldn't you have blurred her face out?

  2. I don't think that's what garnel means . I mean about this pic one can ask "Is it Frau Sara...or is the katzav of Kazhimerzh, Cracow?" take this pic down and post this one instead...

    much more flattering. Or maybe just post the matzeivah pic. neshamos may come in male and female but tombstones are gender neutral.

    BTW I have a great business idea. Other than the Momma Rochel there are no female kivrei tzaddikim excursions TTBOMK. Perhaps we can cash in by arranging a flight to Cracow to daven at Sara Schnirer's kever?

    1. I think it is what he means, but he is welcome to come and explain.

      Perhaps this is the Katav's wife, but I'm not sure what she would be doing on her passport photo.

      I think you're onto something. Perhaps a good Parnasah for a female Krohn.


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