Monday, March 16, 2015

Chofetz Chaim Camera Continuation

Hat Tips: The Partial View
The Partial View 2

  1. Rabbi Deutch of the Living Torah Museum says that the video of the CC was briefly posted on the internet 4 and 1/2 years ago but then taken down because of copyright issues.
  2. Also says that the famous picture of the CC is actually the butcher of Radin.
  3. National Archives had this video for over 10 years already.
  4. CC is really walking slowly, but all newsreels of olden times appear much quicker than actual.
  5. Another video of the CC is available, showing CC selling his sefarim. He expects it to come out in next few months.  He says he has this video.
  6. There is a video of R Shimon Skopp giving shiur in RIETS, but it is not being released bec some feel it is not Kovodik, as he was giving shiur in YU.
  7. Interview by NYCPhotog/Shimon Gifter.

Updated with new picture video of CC on 3/19/15

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