Monday, February 2, 2015

Seattle Seahawks Superbowl Stumble

Many fine articles have been published in the past week vis-a-vis the Frum community and the Superbowl.

One pointed out how Frum organizations can no longer schedule functions during this event; and Chasunahs and Vorts suffer from participation during the sacred hours that the game is played.

Another article noticed how the Atheists have their own god, and that is the hallowed Superbowl Sunday, where nothing can keep them away from their fan-dom.

A third made mention of the fact that certain publications no longer allow Superbowl food specials to be advertised.

This year, the game certainly did live up to it's moniker, keeping fans on the edge of the seat until the finale. It featured two of the strongest quarterbacks in the game, a super offense vs. a super defense, and a spectacular catch of which the likes have not been seen in recent memory.

Yet sadly for the Seahawks, the entire season and game was lost due to an incredible blunder. What an incredible Mussar can be learned from this. Just when you think you are invincible, when the Hail Mary gods have smiled upon you, remember that it is the one and only true GOD who runs the show, and this year he is smiling on the East Coast.


  1. maybe there are other mussar lessons:

    Deed exceeds Thought

    Belicheck is the gibor because he was kovesh the yetzer to stop Lynch and defended against the pass

    Bad guys finish first in this alma d'shikra

    Man (Patriots) conquer Fowl (Hawks)

    because you drowned you will be drowned (what goes around comes around) The hawks stole one from the packers ... now they had one stolren from them.

    בנפול אויבך אל תשמח Shermans premature celebration of Revis getting beat for a touchdown

    Gevalt ...don't be meyaeish ...self-explanatory

    redemptive power of teshuvah/ winning ...All week long the Pats were deflategate Nazis, some unheralded, undrafted rookie is omed b'nisayon and they're the good guys again

    Eis l'fazer ...corporations will blow 4.5 million smackers for 30 seconds.

    1. Yasher Koach! Your viewpoint has been sorely missed as of late.

  2. Wait, was it Superbowl Sunday again? Didn't they have that last year already?

    1. Hey, 114.4 million viewers, the highest ratings ever should get some notice, even among those north of the border who would rather be fishin'.


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