Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hakirah Helps Humbug Hoaxer

I was somewhat surprised to see that Rabbi Michael Broyde has been posting Halachik essays.  These writings have appeared on the Seforim blog and most recently on Hakirah Volume 18.

Integrity has been all over the news lately.  Those who grew up in the era of Walter Cronkite can remember the authoritative voice that garnered trust. Yet even in our liberal land of everything goes, newscasters have been held to a higher standard.  The firings of Dan Rather and recent suspension of Brian Williams prove that lying is not acceptable for those who we place our trust in.

So someone who is willing to prevaricate, and attempts to alter history to further his agenda, especially an halachik agenda, to me that is an unpardonable offense, and no longer deserves a soapbox, be it blog or periodical.


  1. I would really like to be tolerant and respectful of the Modern Orthodox but with leadership like Rabbis Broyde and Freundel it is really hard to take them seriously.

    Still I'm convinced that I should not paint with a broad brush and that these bad apples don't mean that there are no TK or YS among the Modern Orthodox rabbinate.... I just wish that the good apples maintained a higher profile.

    1. There are bad apples across the spectrum of Orthodoxy. I have no issue at all with the MO, my beef is with a respectable publication which allows someone who knowingly altered the truth regarding what Rav Shach said regarding women covering their hair...among other shenanigans...

      I don't mind if he teaches law, or wants to lead a congregation, but in my opinion he should not be writing on Halacha, and Hakirah should not be issuing him an imprimatur in their latest issue.


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