Sunday, November 10, 2013

Democratic (Chaim) Deutch Deserves District

Despite Gerrymandering of the Brooklyn Districts, Chaim Deutch managed to pull off a stunning win in the 48th District, comprised of Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay, Brighton Beach and Midwood.

Despite the fact that only Midwood is heavily Orthodox Jewish, and Manhattan Beach, Sheepshead Bay and Brighton Beach are primarily made up of other minorities, primarily of Russian descent; and despite the fact that there was a Russian-Jewish candidate with strong credentials, Chaim Deutch was still able to beat these odds and emerge victorious.

This win restores my faith in the Orthodox Jewish voter, who came out in force to support one of their own who has done so much to make this district a better place to live. Chaim created the Flatbush Shomrim Safety Patrol, helped many when Super Storm Sandy Struck and assists many other organizations, especially those involved with troubled youth.

From the

“Chaim Deutsch did more than anybody else for the community, more than any elected official, more than anybody,” said Manhattan Beach Community Group president Ira Zalcman of Deutsch’s work after Hurricane Sandy. “I told him people were hungry, there was food, I told him people were cold, he was there with blankets, he was there with heaters. His ability to mobilize forces and get the things that people needed is amazing.”

It is comforting to know that someone who truly helps others will now be in a position to help even more.

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