Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ichud Internet Information Illustrated - CitField Asifa

There seems to be a lot of misinformation circulating around the Jblogosphere regarding the Ichud Hakehillos Internet Asifa.

I’d like to simply share some information from a recent 16 page color brochure that was distributed in some newspapers last week.

Page one, six and seven: Technology (Internet) is the underlying challenge of our day. Although it is preferable to live without it, it is becoming increasingly more difficult. Hence, we need to come up together with solutions how to harness this technology without falling into pitfalls. Filtered access is a large part of the solution. Another reason for the Asifa is to create Achdus in this regard.

Page two and three: Halachic analysis that unfiltered access to the internet is problematic, since without a filter, there is a strong possibility that one will stumble on Peritzus.

Page four and five: Personal account of the affects that unfiltered access had on one particular girl. She concedes that she is not the only one who got ruined by her iPod Touch, and begs parents to get more aware and keep these items away from their children.

Centerfold: Asifa advertisement “A Huge Crisis”.

Page 10: TAG Hotline specialist answers 10 questions about filtering. He provides startling figures on how many people access inappropriate content when their connection is not filtered. Yet filters are not the complete solution, as they can be bypassed.

Page 11: Some history in how the Ichud Hakehillos was formed, along with 14 names of associated Rabbonim.

Page 12 and 13 encompass a recent article written in the NYT by a secular executive editor who bemoans the affect that Twitter and Facebook have had on his child.

Page 14, 15 and backpage : pictures of the various Ichud gatherings. One complaint I’ve heard is the fact that women will not be included in this event. From what I’ve read elsewhere, it seems that they were originally supposed to be included, but in the attempt to seek complete Achdus, even among various Chassidic groups, women were removed. I imagine that since the primary concern is viewing objectionable material, this affects males much more than females.

Disclaimer: I have no association with the Ichud whatsoever.

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  1. with all the tech saavy Jews they couldn't devise a ticket sale system that would gender segregate the stadium?

    have the women in the upper deck and the men in the mezanine and box seats. It's a stationary Mehadrin bus. It's an open air old-fashioned upstairs womens gallery Beis K'neses. the Yiddihsa Mommas need to know how to monitor there teen and pre-teen kids internet use

    I imagine that since the primary concern is viewing objectionable material, this affects males much more than females.

    Why? Don't khaza"l say שלהן גדולה ? Also since qefira and letzonus is another of the internet evils, ויש אומרים the main one, I'd think it would be even more important to have females there as נשים דעתן קלות and they can be more easily swayed by the gitteh-pisks of the Leitzonim of the J-Blogosphere.

  2. It's a no-win situation. Just like the internet, you can't have an Asifa with them, and you can't have an Asifa without them!


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