Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Facebook Frenzy Falls Flat

Since it's inception in 2004, Facebook has taken the internet world by storm.

Part of the attraction to Facebook, is the ability to peep into other people's lives.

A major fallacy of this generation is the fact that television has greatly enabled the concept of "Keeping up with the Jones's". There was a time when children played ball, played instruments and engaged in hobbies.

Nowadays, children don't play sports, they follow it. They don't play instruments, they watch others play on YouTube. Their hobbies are updating their Facebook pages and TXTing friends.

Rabbi Wachsman eloquently quoted the pundits who've labeled this generation as "click vegetables".

So I am crying no tears for the recent IPO of FB on the NASDAQ, and the subsequent falter of the stock down 20%.

As my Rosh Yeshiva once told me when I told him that I want to go to Eretz Yisroel to see the Gedolim there..."BECOME ONE YOURSELF!".

I'll leave it to my readers to decide if his Brocha came True.

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  1. What an appropriate picture. Those two are probably "chatting" with each other, but their mouths are not moving!


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