Monday, February 27, 2012

HebrewBooks Heals Harmful Habit

One of my favorite columns in the Mishpacha magazine is the LifeLines. Readers write how they overcame various obstacles. I suppose the idea is that others should learn from these vignettes and apply the methods used by the protagonist in order to solve similar problems in their own lives.

A recent column discussed one Kollel fellow's story depicting the pros and cons of asking up front for many years of support. The young man realizes that his fellow classmates who were top in the class and commanded large packages invariably ended up in the working world, while some who were not so demanding (he included) were still in Yeshiva.

This past week, though, had a very interesting story whereby the husband was an avid Seforim collector, buying Seforim which he couldn't really afford, were rarely if ever used, and were causing Shalom Bayis problems as his apartment wasn't sufficiently ample to provide proper shelving.

Eventually the problem grew to the extreme where the wife told him it was either her or the Seforim. One of them would need to go.

The husband made the correct choice.

Funny, how all of this could have been avoided if she would only have bought him a computer with Otzar HaSeforim, or better yet, an internet connection to!

MiShenichnas Adar Marbim B'Simcha!!


  1. MiShenichnas M'maa'tin B'Hotzo'os shelo l'tzorech.

    הזהר בני מקנות ספרים הרבה

  2. Yet for some reason Seforim sales are higher than ever. Welcome back.

  3. The husband made the correct choice.

    Don't leave us in suspense, tell us what it was!


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