Thursday, February 2, 2012

Does Davening Determine Dynasties?

Back in the 1980's, I was told that the local Shul made a MiSheberach for their football team the Shabbos preceding the Superbowl. I suppose it was the sacrilege of this action that contributed to their defeat a day later.

But this has been on my mind recently when I wondered whether fans' Davening actually helps or hinders the outcome on the gridiron, in the arena or on the diamond.

According to some Hashkafically, no blade of grass grows without divine intervention. So one can argue that prayer may be a factor in deciding a positive outcome. Just ask Tim Tebow (although it seems that prayer is not the only factor, considering he will not be in the big game).

When you think of sports dynasties, one conjures up images of baseball's New York Yankees, perhaps The Boston Red Sox. Basketball's LA Lakers and Boston Celtics. Football's Pittsburgh Steelers, San Francisco's Forty Niners and others.

The common denominator that one notices is that the cities that boast winning sports teams coincidentally maintain large Jewish populations. New York, Los Angeles, Boston (New England) etc.

One can therefore rightfully make the argument that prayer is a prelude to victory.

Yet the conundrum remains as to what happens when NY/NJ meets up with New England. Some say that the battle will take place on the Christian day of rest, but one can argue that the real battle takes place a day earlier, on the Jewish Day of Rest - at the Bimah.


  1. *EYE ROLL*

    I know that you are writing this with tongue planted firmly in cheek otherwise I'd be delivering a setiras lekhee.

    One thing I can tell you. Jew-Jet fans are davening for a tie. Whoever wins...THEY lose.

  2. > One can therefore rightfully make the argument that prayer is a prelude to victory.

    Big cities have lots of money with which to collect large numbers of stars to their teams. It has nothing to do with the number of Jews.
    Plus, if davening had anything to do with it the Yankees would never win a game. Do you know how many non-New Yorkers pray they'll lose every time they play?

    1. Yes, Garnel, true about the big cities and money.

      As far as non NY'ers praying against the Yankees, who says that G-d listens to non-Jewish prayers? :-)

    2. I do!
      כי ביתי בית תפלה יקרא לכל העמים
      "for My house shall be a house of prayer for ALL nations!"

    3. Perhaps, if they come and pray IN my house. And they gotta pray to ME.

  3. What about the Cubs? Chicago has a lot of Jews!

  4. NY and California have more.


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