Sunday, January 1, 2012

Tim Tebow Theological Triumph

Not since Sandy Koufax refused to play on Yom Kippur, has a professional sports player worn his religion on his sleeve so prominently.

Tim Tebow, Quarterback/Runningback for the NFL Denver Broncos has quite a few accomplishments under his belt.

He was the first college football player ever to score 20 rushing touchdowns and 20 passing touchdowns the same year.

He was the first college football player to win the Heisman Trophy in only his Sophomore year. He is also the only home-schooled player ever to receive this honor.

He owned the NFL record for Jersey Sales even before he played his first professional game.

He has engineered some spectacular fourth-quarter-comebacks this season.

Yet what I consider to be his greatest accomplishment is his unabashed thanks that he shows on the field - as he prays publicly.

He should serve as an example to all of us not to be embarrassed to Daven to our creator - even in a public setting.

Yet what makes all of this more becoming, is the fact that doctors unsuccessfully tried to convince his mother to abort him. Thank G-d she refused.


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  2. Also a Mensch. Read his wiki.

  3. I'm shocked. Since when do we take our cues in Avodas HaShem from trinity believing X-tians? תורה בגוים אל תאמין

    Did you check with a Moreh Horoah if a post like this is לא תחנם ? SomeHoW Frum should not only be a LH free zone but a לא תחנם as well.

    And while Tebow may be a polite young gentleman playing in a sport populated by violent boors at best and homicidal gangstas at worst his is the same type of x-tian fundamentalism that fired the imaginations of the crusaders, pogromists and blood-libelers, not to mention contemporary Armageddonist crazies who sound pro-Israel only because they hold that the mass death and /or conversion of ALL the Jews in Israel is the last prerequisite to the second coming.

    As for your take-away lesson, I couldn't disagree with you more. IMO the scourge of contemporary Judaism is too MUCH high-profiling and wearing of our religion on our sleeves. In our ethnicity-and-multiculturalism-is-a-free-for-all society we have completely lost any sense of being in Golus and tznius in our avodah.

    Khasidim used to say צפונה...לפני ה' ש i.e. whtaever is before G-d is best kept concealed.

    Feel free to comment mine (tee hee)

  4. Thanks for the Mussar, Bray. Welcome back.

    I didn't ask, but if you ask a respected Rav and he agrees with you, I'll take down the post.

    As for wearing religion on the sleeve, I don[t think we should be flaunting Taleisim in public, but I see nothing wrong with Davening in public and making a Kiddush Hashem in that we are not embarrassed to practice our religion.

  5. >not only be a LH free zone but a לא תחנם as well.
    typo should read

    not only be a LH free zone but a לא תחנם free-zone as well.

  6. The miracle continues...

  7. Now that Brady wiped the floor with him you might want to post an update. Might I suggest:

    G-dly, Genuflecting Gridioner Gets Globbered


    Poor Passers Piddling Performance


    Trinities Thrower Takes Trash

  8. Incidentally, I checked YD 151:14 where it seems pretty clear that Lo Sechanem wouldn't apply, firstly because it my only apply to real Avodah Zorah, secondly, because it doesn't apply in cases where you are trying to make a Kiddush Hashem.

  9. Look at Metzudas David on Micha 6:8, "Ki Im". Not totally applicable but I feel BoF's concern


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