Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Three Threats Thankfully Thwarted

Reading the news from time to time, one can get depressed from all the evil that exists in the world, particularly when it is perpetrated against fellow members of the tribe.

There was a time when we were not so wired, when days, weeks and even months passed before we were made aware of happenings outside our own backyards.

I often wonder how the current generation will turn out, due to the never ending bombardment of beeps, rings and TXT's. I've commented in the past what a blessing Shabbos is, how the entire electronic world is brought to a standstill for 25 hours, allowing one to regenerate and rejuvenate for the week ahead.

It boggles the mind how we've come so far so fast in so short a span in technological advances. Yet the psychological fallout of all these "improvements" may not be reaized for decades.

But aside from my familiar theme of Torah/technology, what I'd like to focus on for this post is Hakoras Hatov. Three unconnected instances of hate against Jewish people were newsworthy these past few weeks. A stolen Torah, A jewelry heist killing and the firebombing of a Shul. Surprisingly, they all came to a somewhat happy ending with law enforcement apprehending those responsible.

We must give much to thanks to our society which differs from the old European model and works to catch criminals who prey on others. If our great-great-granfathers would return from Europe, aside from the cars, planes, phones and rocketships, I think they would find having the police on our side one of the great advances of our modern era.


  1. to be black in the USA vis a vis the police is still like being Jewish vis a vis the police was in the Alta Heim.

    It's not that human nature has changed so radically it's just that there is a new, more easily identifiable scapegoat/ other/ outsider. When you've got a surplus of melanin there is no need to wear a gailah latteh

  2. All minorities have had their issues, but I think thanks is due to America for fostering a mentality on it's citizens that all men are created equal.

    A man of color in this day and age can presumably be given a fair trial.

    The Russo/European model prior to WWII was that the police perpetrated pogroms. Or in the better case scenario, just ignored the injustice of the gentile masses. In this country, aside from the Dinkins era, police generally uphold the law and apprehend the criminals, even when the victims are minorities.

    When a Shul is firebombed, the FBI is quick to dedicate many man hours to catch the criminals.

    For this we should give thanks to this Medina of Chessed.


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