Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Klal "Kindles" Kosher Kaleidoscope

I am gratified to see another new Kosher journal. Klal Perspectives has been launched via electronic media.

I believe this is a first in several regards.

First Orthodox journal that is entirely electronic. First kosher journal that is entirely focused on how to envision and preempt the challenges of the future. First to join a broad range of writer's perspectives to fulfill this endeavor.

Many current journals focus on how to follow Halacha in today's modern era. Klal serves more as a "think tank" in identifying the current issues and finding solutions for the future.

It is a pleasure to read the articles, as all the writer's are tops in their fields. Additionally, they are all writer's of eloquence.

Rabbi Zwiebel shares a profound thought of Rabbi Chaim Kohn regarding "Roeh Es HaNolad". Rabbi Bane points out an interesting insight regarding how the "father" job has been replaced by the Yeshiva Rebbe. Rabbi Adlerstein laments the "stifled individual creative thinking" that has become part and parcel of our Yeshiva system. Rabbi Hauer points our how principals used to beg for children to come to Yeshiva, whereas now you need to beg them. Rabbi Y. Rosenblum is concerned with role-reversal, in that the father used to be responsible for Parnassah, not the mother. He is also concerned with fitting all boys into the same mold.

Tuition, paying for Mehadrin Mitzvos, Setting Takanos to save the Klall money, how the internet has bettered and worsened our lives, Kosher LePesach Cheerios, book bannings and child abuse. It is all in the premier issue of Klal.

Available here.


  1. it will be interesting to see if it can become a journal of common MO-haredi interest , as many problems are common to both, though neither side defers, in some sense , to the authority of the other....

  2. Lacosta, welcome aboard. Thanks for stopping by.


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