Thursday, October 6, 2011

TeXTing Targets Tardy Transports

As with all new technology, there are pros and cons.

Whereas teenagers have flocked to the powers of SMS from the outset, it seems that their parents are now catching up and implementing the power of texting.

Often I wonder if I could have survived Yeshiva had the cell phone been invented in my day. I don't see how it is possible to properly learn while being attached to a leash.

Amar Abaye...PLS PU SHTS FRM CLNRS. TX XXX...Yiush Shelo Midas...SHIUR TONITE 9PM...Yaal Kigam...WASSUP. LNCH @ MENDY?...

Yet slowly we are all forced into the technology rat race. Who can survive today without a mobile phone? A decade ago they were only for the rich and famous.

So I was quite amused yesterday to see two news stories. The first announced that BMG has institued a new policy that for the new Zman, Bachurim will not be allowed to have internet or Texting capacity on their phones. The second story announced that several Mosdos in Boro Park have enabled parents to be notified via TXT MSG that their children's bus is X minutes away, or X stops away.

Imaginge not having to wait 30 minutes in the cold weather if the bus is late. You can now know exactly when it will arrive. You can know if it is stuck somewhere via the GPS signal.

So technology is a mixed blessing. As much as we are against the internet, we are for it. All I can say is that I am glad that I am not a teenager anymore.



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