Sunday, August 8, 2010

Join JO (JewishObserver) Journal Juvenation

In February of this year, I put up two posts waxing nostalgic of the pre-internet days when the Jewish Observer was the magazine of choice in Orthodox homes. Nowadays we have so much variety regarding Orthodox themed periodicals, yet none come close to the clarity espoused by the JO. The current assortment of reading material consists primarily of current events and Who is Who in the Jewish world, yet Hashkafic articles, written by the leadership of the Yeshiva World is sorely lacking.

My dear blogging Chaver, Rav Yosef Gavriel Bechofer, has staunchly taken up the gauntlet in reviving this noble publication. I ask that my readers join his google group in the effort to bring this revival to fruition.

As mentioned in the past, if the reason for ceasing publication was truly monetary in nature, then I put forth the suggestion that the magazine be published electronically, saving the cost of paper and transport.


  1. Has anyone contacted the Agudah to find out what the status is? I recall that at one time Rabbi Zwiebel said the cease in publication was only temporary.

  2. Aside from a few truly insightful articles, JO generally seemed nasty and "anti" in tone. it is not missed.


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