Thursday, August 5, 2010

Eruv Envelops Entire Environment (Woodridge, New York)

I was gratified to see a news release recently reporting on the completion of the Woodridge, NY Eruv. This is very positive news for the inhabitants and would be inhabitants of this little town in Sullivan County.

The town of Woodridge boasts the century old Congregation Ohave Shalom synagogue which is known to sport a Minyan 3 times daily throughout the year. This beautiful Shul with stain-glassed windows and wall and ceiling murals has been led for better than a Yovel by Rabbi Goodman, and for the past several years by Rabbi Grossman.

Recently, many changes have been made to strengthen religious life in the area. The Mechitza was upgraded, the Mikvah was renovated, a small Kollel was begun and now the Eruv. A full service grocery runs year round and the Pizza store has been relocated to a newer facility after a devastating fire. There are even plans that a full time Yeshiva will be housed in the towns’ environs.

One idea that I believe has merit would be to form a Yissachar/Zevulun house partnership between summer-home owners and Kollel Fellows. The KF will babysit the Upstate residence for 10 months of the year, living rent free. The KF will then relocate during the summer months to the vacated homes of their partners in Brooklyn. This is a win/win situation whereby everyone benefits.


  1. Woodridge is a fantastic place to spend the summer or all year long. In addition to what you mentioned in the post, there are several large camps, bungalow colonies, a beautiful park with all facilities and many other amenities. I hope this eruv encourages more people to live there year round. Your idea of the house swapping is a superb one. I hope it takes off.


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  3. Thanks for reviving this topic. I've discussed it several times here on this blog, maybe this time we'll be successful. Thanks also for inspiring me to post on the letter "J". Forthcoming.

  4. Woodridge already has a yeshiba. I assume though, that you must mean a non-hasiddic one. The idea of house swapping has much merit. I hope someone with a wider audience can promote the cause. All the best.

  5. I don't think the eiruv is operational currently


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