Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Yippee! Yossi Yields Yarns!

Country Yossi is the rare individual who can make one laugh so hard, and also cry so hard simultaneously (on the same recording).

It has been 20 years now since the last release of the Country Yossi Shteeble Hopper series. I am gratified to see that a new CD is scheduled for release very soon.

I can still recall the very first release “Wanted”, all those years ago which featured the classics such as The Cholent Song, and Big Bad Moish.

"Strike Again" then followed with Nebich of the Shteeble and Oh, My Yerushalayim. Then came “Still on the Loose” with Tick Tock and 7 Little Kids. “Captured” featured The Deaf Man in the Shteeble and the Phantom of the Shteeble. “Break Out” contained The Tiny Old Shteeble and The Ballad of Fetteh Shmeel.

“These I Remember” featured Sing, Zaydie, Sing, along with some earlier hits from the Ohr Chodosh years.

And now after all these years comes the latest offering “Ride Again”. According to here is an initial preview:

Twenty years in the making, this 14 song collection is truly the magnum opus of the legendary Yossi Toiv/Heshy Walfish collaboration! It features many unique, original compositions, ranging from Gemarah Agadata and Midrashim set to music (Rav Shmuel and the Myrtle twig, Elan Elan, I Am The Flower) to hilarious parodies of such Pop classics as Soldier Boy (Shabbos Goy), Oh Carol (Oh Yankel) and Kokomo (Boro Park) {You’ll plotz when you hear this one!}. And as an added bonus track, child prodigy Yehuda Turner belts out a CY original Poseiach Es Yudecha that will blow you away! Look for an Aug 1st release of this much anticipated album.


  1. Country Yossi is tops in my book. I hope someday he will publish a songbook with musical notes.

  2. He picks the most beautiful melodies and provides words that are so apt which teach mussar in a palatable way. I hope he rides again and again!

  3. Mostly Music is reporting a September release date.


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