Thursday, July 1, 2010

Help Heal Homework Hazards

Another school year has ended and the camp season has commenced. Children can now play after dinner, with nary a thought of whether their homework assignments have been completed.

Homework has pros and cons, as many a principal and parent body can attest to. Teachers claim it refreshes the class lessons and allows parents to follow their child’s progress, while parents and certainly their children do not necessarily see this intrusion in the same light.

Yet for some reason, homework is here to stay. Being that is the case, why not alleviate some of the issues with homework by harnessing the power of the BLOG? Many a child often times does not know what is for homework, copies down the page number incorrectly, or purposely hides the assignments from the parents.

My suggestion then would be for teachers to post the homework of the day, term papers, book reports etc. on a school blog. Parents could also be given the option to “Go Green” and sign up for “paperless” notices. This would save the school much time and effort, not to mention postage to have the parent body informed of school trips, vacation days, immunization notices, etc.

Finally, this would alleviate the need for busy and costly info lines in the event of a snow day, as posted about over here .


  1. This is really a good idea. I don't know why schools don't do this. They could save thousands of dollars a year on postage costs, info line costs, and paper/envelope/envelope stuffing. Whoever said blogs are all bad never read your blog.

  2. There are a lot of good ideas on this blog. Too bad the readership is not larger.


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