Friday, March 12, 2010

Location, Location, Location

Pesach shopping has provoked me to visit the Midwood section of Brooklyn. The corner of Avenue L and Coney Island Avenue, once the home to an automobile mechanic and a motorcycle showroom, now boasts a behemoth of kosher shopping in the form of the Pomegranate. A block away, the former Keyfood establishment now sells only kosher, in the form of Glatt Mart.

Some time ago the jblogsphere was all abuzz when a wig store opened across the street from a Brooklyn Yeshiva and posted what they considered to be alluring pictures in their storefront window. While I don’t want to rehash that conversation, I was pleasantly surprised to see that the wig store has relocated to a more commercial location, two blocks north.

Truth be told, the same pictures that stood out inappropriately on a block with seven Shuls, now fit in comfortably on a block with similar establishments. I wish both the Yeshiva and the wig store success in all their future endeavors.


  1. All's well that ends well.

  2. the auto parts store was across the street in What is currently Veretzky (Landaus) Kheder.

    If you ask me Pomegranate is on assault on Yeshiva values like the wig store was.

    I blogged about it here:

  3. I was on the land that became the Pomegranate parking lot.

  4. I was there even before Kosher Discount!

  5. When I died, they built the MagicMasium.

  6. Bray:

    There are pros and cons to the opening of a luxury kosher food supermarket. I'm sure that debate was hashed out on your blog post. I personally have no issue with it, especially since the owner is a big Baal Tzedakah.

    As for you other funny guys, I didn't know automotive and motorcycle establishments could speak.


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