Wednesday, March 17, 2010


There is some discussion on the Jblogs whether one can be "Maspid" former Jbloggers, being that it is Chodesh Nissan.

It is with mixed feelings, then, that I mourn the passing of one of the more opinionated Jblogs. On the one hand, there was a strong Chareidi pride which emanated from his writings, but on the other hand, there was little tolerance for those who had differing opinions.

I am taking the liberty of the Heter that speaking of the "dead" does not constitute Loshon Hora.

While the Chareidi voice has been the johnny-come-lately of the Jblogs, they are slowly emerging as a voice to be reckoned with. It is a pity that the Yeshiva World frowns so much on blogging, maybe rightfully so, but theirs is a message that deserves to be disseminated. It is my opinion that the Agudah should hire a full-time blogger to spread their Hashkofo. Especially nowadays, when the JO is defunct and everyone else's message is available electronically.


  1. where do I apply? Just kidding. Not nearly ideologically pure enough. Maybe it's the perfect position for Dayon U'Mokhiakh.

  2. Bray, right now they are getting your services for free, why should they pay? But maybe you are entitled to take Maaser. :-)

  3. aw are too kind. And thanks again for getting the ball rolling again on my moribund blog. have you seen this mornings offering?

  4. Yes, I'm trying to figure out which post was better, today's or yesterday's. Gems the both of them.


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