Monday, February 8, 2010

Toeles in Jblogging - One JBlog can make a Difference

Wow. It seems like some recent posts really resonated around the jblogsphere.

This blog which has rarely seen much traffic with the exception of the Yankel Am Haaretz
post, was suddenly thrown into the limelight via RYGB’s blog and Life in Israel.

Reminds me of the greenhorn who needs to earn a living and finds work as a bus driver. Being new, he is given a fairly simple route in an obscure part of town and dutifully turns in his receipts of about 50 dollars a day. One day he turns in over $600 dollars. When asked to explain, he said: “I have very few people who ride in my area. I turned my bus down 5th Avenue – It is a goldmine there!”

It seems that the Super Bowl and the Jewish Observer are topics that interest many people. Perhaps the Toeles of jblogs will be to raise awareness at the Agudah to revive the JO.


  1. Anyone for a Tea Party? Let's sit down and discuss ways to bring the Jewish Observer back to life.



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