Friday, February 19, 2010

Purim and the Persian Empire

There is a fascinating new book on the market, published by Feldheim and written by Rabbi Yehuda Landy titled Purim and the Persian Empire.

The book contains many photographs in full living color that depict the actual site from the Purim narrative. Additionally, the author has tracked down many of the Persian utensils from that era that are ensconced in the various museums worldwide and has reproduced them in this beautiful work.

The author, a notable Talmid Chochom in addition to being an avid student of archaeology, and an expert photographer too, has managed to draw the best from Jewish and secular sources to shed light on this mysterious chapter in our history.

I have been privileged to tour many areas of Eretz Yisroel together with Rabbi Landy, have been to many of his Shiurim, and have marveled at his encyclopedic knowledge of both Shas and Tanach. I eagerly anticipate more works of similar caliber. This book is impressive!


  1. I saw this book. It is really awesome. Hopefully this book will encourage others in the frum community to publish similar works. Kudos to Rav Landy.

  2. if you lack the credentials you can't do anything similar.

  3. There are other autodidactic scholarly Jewish individuals who are capable of producing similar works. Perhaps this will open the floodgates for such scholarship.

  4. Interesting, Mishpacha had an article this past week about the recent archaeology in Iran written by Rabbi Reznick from Monsey.

  5. This is excellent. Lets hope it will bring the Persians and the Jewish nations close once more in more than 2500 years. Our brothers in arms against the hated Arabs...


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