Monday, October 26, 2009

The G-dfather and the Internet

What do you do if you can’t find justice using the Judicial System? In Mario Puzo’s great novel, you visit the G-dfather, who metes out justice without a court of law. While one finds himself cheering for the victim who has finally seen closure, one must also look at the big picture to determine whether the G-dfather is to be applauded or loathed in our society.

The explosion of the jblogs in the last few years has exposed many skeletons which once lay dormant. The victims of years of wrongdoing no longer have to bear their silence. The Internet as the Great Equalizer has leveled the playing field. No longer does the little guy need a publishing house, an editor and a suitcase full of dollars. All he needs is a cause and five minutes on Blogger.

But in every good lies evil. That same champion of the little guy one day becomes big himself. That same layman who decries leadership finds himself in a leadership role. Think “Animal Farm” and “1984”. What will keep the new leadership honest? Are we better off now or five years ago?

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  1. So true. All men are created equal, but bloggers are more equal than others!


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