Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Blogs: The Last Frontier

Blogging: The Mind as the Last Frontier:

“All of your actions are written in G-d’s book, and when you die, you will watch a video of your life”.

“When Moshiach comes, the entire world will know it simultaneously”.

When we were young, these statements were accepted as an act of faith. Yet they were somewhat unbelievable. How could all our actions be written down? How could so much video be stored and retrieved on demand? How could video become so prevalent? How could the entire world see/know something simultaneously?

Yet nowadays, with the advent of the Computer, the Internet and YouTube, these once far-fetched scenarios have become a reality.
The Printing Press, the Railroad, the Automobile, the Radio, the Television, etc. All of these innovations have shrunk our world and allowed for continued improvement in communication and collaboration on yet even more complex inventions.

In Rav Shternbuch’s book, Rav Moshe speaks
an anthology of talks
by Mosheh Shṭernbukh
Published in 1988, Jewish Writers Guild (Jerusalem)

I once saw an interesting thought that I now extrapolate to explain this phenomenon. At Mount Sinai, all were believers. But as time went on, some slowly lost their Emunah. Each generation further removed from Sinai needs more assistance in retaining their belief. So whereas our forefathers believed with Emunah Peshutah that their actions were recorded, we need the reality of YouTube to allow our minds to encompass that reality.

Yet one arena has yet to be conquered. The Mind. We can now prove where you were and what you did. But what were you thinking? Did you harbor any heretical thoughts?

And that is how we arrive at Blogging, The Mind as the Last Frontier. Perhaps In a few short years everyone will have a blog in addition to their other social networking websites. Everyone will share their thoughts via their blog. Those who won’t type will simply dictate their thoughts to Blogger.

It is a scary thought indeed. But if history is a teacher, blogs are perhaps to become the antidote for today’s heretical thought.


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