Wednesday, January 24, 2018

(Vice) President Pence Promotes Peace

Wow! What a Mentch! SoMeHoW it takes a Christian to lecture the Israeli Knesset on Jewish Biblical history.
Trump and Pence have far surpassed my expectations on promoting freedom and support for the State of Israel.
It is comforting to know that we have a VP in the wings who is even more a staunch supporter of our interests than the president himself.

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  1. Have you ever wondered why so many people are trying to take Jerusalem away from Jews?

    The answer is in the Bible:

    The Biblical Book of Jeremiah,
    end of chapter 17, teaches:

    If the Jewish people observe Shabbat [the Jewish Sabbath] then Jerusalem will be ruled by Jews forever (verses 24 to 25).

    But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat, then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem] will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter).

    How Shabbat-desecration harms
    Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem:

    Have you ever wondered why so many people try to take the Land of Israel away from Jews?

    The answer is in the Bible:

    In the Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 23, verses 12 to 13, G_d reveals that:

    If Jews intermarry with non-Jews, then He will NOT help the Jews conquer the Land of Israel. And even worse, the sin of intermarriage will cause the Jews to be driven out from the Land of Israel.

    How intermarriage harms
    Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel


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