Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Trump Triumphs! Trumps Tramp.

Dear Hillary,

Please don't blame this on James Comey. Blame it on your email server which was created to hide the shenanigans of the Clinton Foundation, selling American Policy for cash. It didn't help either that you paid for Chelsea's wedding with this money; nor did it help that you compromised American security by leaving your server open to foreign hackers.


The Silent Majority


  1. I am a long time visitor at this site, and I thank you for your fine product, and all the work involved, for so long.

    With all due respect, however, I question the appropriateness of the word tramp in the title here, even if it fits in well for wordplay purposes. It doesn't seem to me to fit in with the generally admirably high standards of the locale.

    Thanks for your consideration of the matter. :)

    1. The Tramp refers to Hillary, and yes, it is for wordplay purposes.

      I thought I would get complaints about the big brother imagery.

      Thanks for reading, and please comment more often. Thanks especially for the JO PDF goldmine.


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