Thursday, November 19, 2015

BenPakuah Born-n-Bred Beef Battle Brewing

All those who have learned Chulin, have probably thought about marketing Ben Pakuah. The Gemara says that if you Shecht the mother cow and find a live baby inside, the baby does not need Shechita. So why not produce a herd of such BP's? If they don't need Shechita, the price of beef could be brought down significantly for the kosher consumer.

See Chulin 74A

מתני' השוחט את הבהמה ומצא בה בן שמנה חי או מת או בן תשעה מת קורעו ומוציא את דמו מצא בן תשעה חי טעון שחיטה וחייב באותו ואת בנו דברי ר"מ וחכמים אומרים שחיטת אמו מטהרתו

As JS pointed out in the comments, once the animal "walks on the ground" it DOES require shechita midrabanan, so as not to have people think that animals do not need schechita.  Yet the advantage is primarily in the hind-quarter, in that we don't need to take out the gid-hanasheh, enabling the HQ to enjoy kosher status.  Also, the halachos of treifos and chailev are relaxed.

see Ben link for more details.

see link for a teshuva written by Rabbi Meir Rabi.


  1. never learned chulin, but the site you linked to says that it does need shechita. But what's special about it is that you don't have to check for treifos and don't have to remove gid hanashe or chailev.

    1. Thanks JS. I will update the post. You technically do not need shechita, but once it walks on the ground, it is done Midrabanan so as not to have one think that animals do not need shechita.


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