Thursday, July 16, 2015

Awaiting Airplane Arrival Anticipation Antipathy Attribution

I recall as a youth the excitement when one saw a loved one after a long absence.

There were unabashed hugs and cheers and kisses all around.

I had reason recently to be in the airport to pick up a passenger and I noticed that Airline Arrival Anticipation is a thing of the past.

I believe that since our world is so small, since we can Skype our dear ones wherever they may be, there is no longer any excitement when we actually see them in person.

How sad. The digital revolution continues to change our world - sometimes for the worse.


  1. Once upon a time travelling in an airplane was a special event. People wore business or semi-formal clothes. On transcontinental flights shoes were doffed and friends were made.
    Now the parking at the airport is ridiculously expensive, the planes are crammed tight to capacity, service is poor and what you get you have to pay for. Is it any wonder the shine is gone?

  2. 11 meshugoim ruined ait travel for a planet


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