Monday, March 10, 2014

American Asifa/Atzeres/Assemblage Accomplishment?

Yesterday was the American Asifa because of the decision by the Israeli Government to conscript Yeshiva bochurim, under penalty of jail-time.

I understand that the Manhigim of Eretz Yisroel have asked their American counterparts to assist in any possible way to impede the Gezerah which will change their way of life.

I realize that Davening B'rov Am will certainly help any situation, and the Kiddush Hashem of rallying so many people on short notice who are orderly, is certainly a plus.

Yet on the down-side, this certainly creates ill-will among those who only see the Chareidim as shirking their responsibilities to society.

Good thing that this decision to amass is not mine.


  1. No, it's not just about shirking their responsibility although that is certainly a factor.
    It's about the sense of entitlement and also the outrage displayed when "the other" doesn't see it that way.
    It's about the innate assumption that God is on their side simply because they think He is.
    And it's about a large group of ostensibly Yirei Shamayim acting as if they are the exclusive holders of the mesorah.

    1. entitlement? entitlement to not be forced to kill and die in order to perpetuate an endless and pointless war they never wanted?

      acting as if they are exclusive holders blah, blah, blah? they aren't the ones trying to force their way of life on others. they're just trying to stop those who want to force their "mesorah" on them from doing so.

      but good job spewing vapid talking points bro.


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