Sunday, December 22, 2013

Magnificent Manning Makes Many Monumental Marks

It's been some time since I've received Mussar from Bray, so perhaps a foray into the American Football scene will elicit an illicit response.

The Denver Broncos released the rising star Tim Tebow, and replaced him with the fading star Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning has gone on to shatter some NFL passing records, including 51 TD passes in a season, and the season is still not over, while Tim Tebow is out of a job.

Chochmo BaGoyim Ta'amin.


  1. I have no mussar to missile, In earlier posts I was merely mindful of your genuflecting to Tebow as some lonely quarterback of faith.

    1. Ah, mentioning genuflection in relation to "Te-Bow-ing". You are truly the greater wordsmith than I.

  2. Now he has 55 touchdowns, passing season record, points in season record. Not bad for an oldster.


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