Monday, August 19, 2013

Bike4Chai Builds Better Body

Back in May, I posted on the Brooklyn Bicycle phenomenon. Being that the borough was bicycle bereft, with minimal locations for the new CitiBike program.

As an aside, I noted that 100 of this year's Bike4Chai participants hail from Brooklyn. In any event, the recent highlighting of bicycles in the news, in addition to the addition of new bicycle lanes throughout the City, prompted me to dust off the old clunker and see if it is really true that one never forgets how to ride a two-wheeler.

After several local rides, I pushed myself to bigger and better excursions, eventually building up immunity to the aches and pains that usually accompany rigorous activity. Surprisingly, I found that there are others who have found the health benefits of biking.

Many tell me that they have lost between 10 and 50 pounds.

Alas, the summer is drawing to a close as Elul is upon us and Rosh Hashana beckons.

Perhaps next year I can join the three hundred riders who raised almost 3 million dollars for Bike4Chai. If I can start training early enough.

Perhaps that is the true meaning of Bike4Chai. Not that one bikes to earn money for Chai Lifeline, but one bikes for Chai-Life. His own!

May we all be written in the Book of Life.


  1. It takes a wordsmith like you to figure out the true meaning. Good Chop.

    I've long been itching to get back on the bike. Maybe we'll ride together next year.

  2. How about a third meaning: Bike for Chai. Bike for Life. As in Bike forever.

  3. Just came across this, well written! As a cyclists for quite a few years now, as well as a Bike4Chai participant starting with the first ride four years ago, I can tell you how wonderful and healthy it is. Not only will you shed a few pounds, but cycling can also be healthy therapy for your soul. I do some of my best thinking while riding, and it is a release from daily pressures as well. Hope to meet you at the next Bike4Chai ride IY"H.


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