Thursday, March 7, 2013

Yosef's Yarns Yield Yearning

It is with much sadness that I learned of the passing of Rav Yosef Goldstein ZTL, otherwise known as Uncle Yossi.

I recall the countless hours spent in my youth listening to his wonderful records that were entertaining as well as instructive in Yiras Shamaim. Who can forget "Sara, Sara, pick up that dime. You can buy yourself some delicious candy??? Who can forget "He's Watching, The King is Watching!!!

Today's CD's, with all their gimicks don't come close to what RYG was able to do with his wonderful voice.



  1. Are these recordings available on CD? I remember them on vinyl and tape.

  2. Does anyone know if Uncle Moishy took the moniker Uncle because of Uncle Yossi?

  3. You know you're gettin old when you don't understand your childrens music


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