Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Secular Stadium Sports Separate Seating

This Thursday is the long awaited Concert featuring Chazzan Helfgot and Violinist Perlman. Tickets were priced close to $100, yet you can now buy Separate Seating tickets for $36 at Eichler's and many other Seforim Stores.


  1. There was a Van outside Landaus yesterday hawking tickets for $50 but mixed seating only.

    My prediction---this concert will be a finacial disaster for the promoters/ investors. Too close to Shabbos and too close to Pesach for the ever-increasing OCD approach to making Pesach.

    1. Many people spending $200 to see the show are probably not making Pesach.

  2. If I had some discretionary funds I'd go to hear the Klezmer Conservatory Orchestra. Neither Perlman nor Helfgot particularly interest me.


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