Monday, December 17, 2012

Levaya Launches Leadership Lament

This past week I attended the Levaya of a Rabbi who served for many years as a mentor for hundreds of followers.

During the procession, I noticed a good friend of mine, a grandfather already several times over, with tears streaming profusely down his face.

This caused me to pause, as I am used to seeing tears by funerals, yet shameless sobbing on a public street for one who is not even a relative is not often seen.

And then I realized that it is I who should be crying. In that I don't feel that close to MY mentor.

May this blog post arouse all those who lack loyalty, who are lackadaisical and lax in their living without a lawgiver, to fulfill the dictum of Aseh Lecha Rav to the utmost degree.


  1. We live in an era of the dead Rav (cp. Breslov, Brisk and Lubavitch), the printed Rav (cp. Artscroll, Sichos, Gri"z, Likutei Mohran, Sifrei Mussar), the recorded Rav (Rabbis Krohn, Frand, Schlezinger, Reisman and Mansour to name but a few)and the digital Rav (TorahAnytime, Downloadable Shiurim sites, Daf websites et al).

    Flesh and Blood Ravs, with shimush, nuance, holoikh yailekh, Toikhokha and encouragement are, for anyone over the age of around 17, becoming increasingly rare.

    So while your sentiment is admirable you are hardly alone. It is a מכת מדינה . At least YOU realize that you are missing something.

    this is the logical conclusion of this:

    1. Brisk?

      Thanks for the link. I've read it before but it is time for review.


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