Sunday, August 12, 2012

Magnanimous? Money-Making Muni-Meters Mooch

Some time ago I posted on the ultra-modern new bicycle locking devices being installed around NYC.

As I speculated then, it seems that the City is not necessarily magnanimous, but rather practical in providing bicycle parking, a function currently being provided by parking meters, but will go the way of the dodo as the new muni-meters gradually replace the old.

In other two-wheeled news, Bike-for-Chai continued it's amazing fundraising effort by raising over 1.6 million dollars for Chailifeline/Camp Simcha.

What is amazing about this story is that only a mere 3 years ago, one biker decided to raise money while biking up to camp. That one man has now morphed into over 200 riders raising a tremendous amount of money for Tzedakah.

Kein Yirbu!

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  1. That's nice, I wish we have that thing in our economy. With that, bicycle parking will be safe, easy and convenient.


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