Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chailifeline Cancer Camp Concludes

Tuesday night, ChaiLifeline's Camp for pediatric Chronic illnesses came to Citifield and performed for an outside Crowd.

Chailifeline is one of the Charities that sincerely deserves our Contributions.

Imagine dealing with a Child who is sick Constantly. Not just a Common Cold.

Camp Simcha has four sessions every summer. Two weeks of girls, two weeks of boys, then 2 weeks of special (severely) sick girls and two weeks of (severely) sick boys.

Can one imagine the respite that parents of these Children receive yearly? Instead of dealing 365 days a year with pain, they are able to get a vacation themselves. Yet apparently, the most recent session was Curtailed 5 days early due to a few Campers Coming down with the flu.


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  1. The video you posted is just practice. The real video takes place on the field before the game. It will be posted by Chai Lifeline in due time.


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