Monday, March 12, 2012

Harmonica Helps Harmonize Holiday

It's funny how some things change over time. When the Diaspora Yeshiva Band burst onto the scene in the 1970's, many were surprised by their audacious attempts to infuse rock-n-roll beats onto Jewish music.

Yet time moves on and today some of their melodies are considered tame and beautiful compositions, certainly compared to some of the alternative music of our day.

Electric guitars, banjo and even the harmonica join together to harmonize this beautiful Purim offering.

Perhaps the most classical of rock-n-roll songs combine the electric guitars with harmonicas to produce the most beautiful finger picking, cheek blowing music ever written. Think Bob Dylan and Neil Young, to name a few.

Although the aformentioned composers were able to play the harmonica and guitar simultaneously, I nevertheless humbly offer up this relic of yesteryear. Ish Yehudi.

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  1. isH yeHudi Haya bsHusHan Habira usHmo mordecHai


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