Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bob Beats Barack's Buddy

The election for Anthony Weiner's seat in the NY 9th congressional district has been decided in favor of Bob Turner.

I believe that the electorate of this district made a huge Kiddush Hashem by defying the Democrat machine and voted in conservative Republican Bob Turner.

Several months ago it had been unthinkable that a Republican would be able to win in this heavily Democratic district, considering that the Dems hold a 3 to 1 margin over Republicans in registered voters. This is the district that voted in Chuck Schumer and his protege, Anthony Weiner. Not since the 1920's has a Republican taken this seat in Congress.

Yet in the interim, David Weprin, a self-declared Orthodox Jew, voted in favor of same-gender marriage, and proudly marched in the parade which promoted this agenda.

While many Jews typically vote Democratic because of their concern for social ills, and also because they are often the recipient of social programs, I was proud to see that many voted their conscience even though it may conflict with their pocketbooks.

In an election that was seen by many nationally as a referendum on Barack Obama's policies, the way he is handling the economy and foreign policy regarding Israel, I was doubly proud to see this clear message sent to Washington that we will not be silent regarding the above mentioned issues.

Kudos to the many Rabbonim, Askonim, Bloggers and Websites who supported the Bob Turner candidacy.

Update: I would also like to mention that we have a Mesorah that Morality protects from destruction. Sodom was done in for breaches in morality. Many have noted that Vermont, which bore the brunt of the recent hurricane Irene was the first state to legislate in favor of same-gender marriage. Let us hope that the rejection of candidates who support SSM will serve as a protection for our great state of NY.


  1. הפלא ופלא
    I posted for the first time in nearly a month on this exact topic today!

    Seems like gomlim blogs think alike.

    However we disagree on some points. קחנו משם

    I'd also like to say that and proudly marched in the parade which promoted this agenda. Is presumptuous for an LH free blog. We have no way of looking into Weprins heart to know if he was proud, ashamed ambivalent, conflicted or apathetic. If he is like most politicians then neither pride nor prejudice factored in his decision. Only what is politically expedient. Apparently, he made the wrong call.

  2. I am no Rav, but my limited understanding of LH allows one to speak about public officials. I don't think that DW thinks he did anything wrong. Furthermore, there definitely is Toeles if others learn from this and do not follow in his footsteps.

    Look at the picture above and tell me whether you think I overdid "proudly".

    Welcome back.

  3. so criticize the act not the intention. this is unknowable.

  4. what happened to Gomlim? Why no comments from u on MY post?

  5. 99% that is him. The one without the dress!


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