Friday, July 15, 2011

Community Could Create Cops

Many years ago, when someone needed emergency medical assistance, they would need to call 911. Unfortunately, the response time of EMS all too often was not timely enough. One Williamsburg Jew cared enough to change all that, and Hatzoloh was born.

Some years ago, a new organization was formed, called Chaveirim. This group will come and unlock your house, your car and assist in many other non life-threatening situations.

Another organization that has burst onto the scene is Misaskim. In just a few short years they have gone from an obscure group to being THE people to call for any death related issues. Accident scenes, Shiva houses, loudspeakers for a Levaya, preventing autopsies, and many other related issues are all handled by this wonderful organization.

Which brings to mind that it may be time for another one. Ever since the Jblogosphere has been in infancy, there has been an ongoing battle between the Rabbonim and many Jbloggers regarding reporting potential molesters. Rabbonim are mindful of Halachos of Mesirah and possibly ruining a man's good reputation based on false rumors, and the Jbloggers are quick to say "Go to the Police!"

Recent events have shown that it was some good old fashioned detective work that solved the tragic murder in our community. It was some simple Jewish people who cared and doggedly pursued video footage and others who subsequently located the perpetrator's car.

If we have such dedicated and analytical people in our community, why not form a group trained by the NYPD who can be mindful of the laws of Loshon Hora and yet can pursue any and all leads regarding possible molestors in our midst?

Amidst all the sadness in this tragic epic is the Achdus which was once again shown by hundreds of volunteers. So many community leaders and lay persons put aside their summer plans and stayed up for hours on end to assist in a hunt for someone who most of them didn't even know.

May Hashem comfort the Kletzky family.


  1. You can call them the "Cops with Kups"

  2. zogt zeher zeher git

  3. I made it to Leibys door today


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