Monday, November 8, 2010

It Takes a Village

One of the more informative blogs I have been privileged to read over the years is the Michtavim blog, hosted by Menachem Butler, one of the pioneers of Jewish blogging. This blog reads like a “Tzafnas Paneach” – in that Menachem’s writing reminds me of the Seforim written by the Rogatchover Gaon, where every word (or Roshei Taivos) is a virtual treatise unto itself.

Menachem is a Jewish History buff, and a walking library of all theses relating to Jewish themes. But perhaps what I appreciate the most is that I don’t recall ever seeing any Loshon Hora therein.

His most recent post highlights a fabulous online museum hosted by Professor Shnayer Leiman. An intriguing Stamp Collection featuring noted rabbis is a philatelist’s delight. Take the online tour available here.


  1. What do you find so fascinating? Michtavim blog or Leiman library or the Ralbag's invention?


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