Monday, September 6, 2010

Obedient Orthodox Official Orates (Yehuda Avner - The Prime Ministers)

One of the most fascinating epics in our time is the story of the rebirth of the State of Israel. Few are aware of the various competing Jewish armies that sprouted in Palestine prior to 1948, with the goal of removing the British Empire from ruling; thereby establishing the Modern Israel.

Most noteworthy in that long list of Freedom Fighters was Menachem Begin. In his books White Nights (about his time spent in Soviet Labor Camp) and The Revolt, he discusses his ideology and the narrative that led to that momentous event in 1948.

Fast forward to 2010, when one of Israel’s long-time statesmen has finally published his memoirs. Yehuda Avner moved to Palestine in 1947 and has had the ear of 4 of Israel’s Prime Ministers. His 700 page book is an eye opener as he takes us behind the scenes and sheds light on many of the most intimate decisions that have been made. The additional fact that Yehuda is a religious Jew makes the narrative all the more compelling. Mishpacha has featured a fine interview this past week. Also see his publisher and hear Yehuda on the radioNachum Segal Interview.


  1. Is this book about the Prime Misisters, or only Menachem Begin?

  2. This is a book about his interaction with 4 prime ministers, but the primary focus is on Menachem Begin, as the cover of the book depicts the 4 with MB overshadowing the others.

  3. Two Jews = three opinions.

    One Zionist state = three armies!


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